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Judges For You (Book Review)

“That’s the best Bible study I’ve ever done!”  Such praise is not something a Bible study leader hears very often.  I wish I could say it had a lot to do with my amazing exegetical insights, deft (daft?) use of … Continue reading

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Making Sense of God (Book Review)

When I first learned that Tim Keller would be writing a book on helping skeptics, doubters, and otherwise secular-minded people to begin “doubting their doubts” and give Christianity a second look, I determined to read it carefully.  You see, as … Continue reading

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The Songs of Jesus (Book Review)

Martin Luther famously quipped the Psalms are a “little Bible.”  Israel’s inspired hymnal has served for nearly 3000 years as the devotional songbook of God’s people.  The Psalter is certainly the most precious and read portion of all the Bible.  … Continue reading

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Ministries of Mercy (Book Review)

Two years ago a local minister and I began praying about how to bring the gospel and mercy ministry to our town and county.  We sensed a deep desire for churches to walk in unity and felt led by God … Continue reading

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Generous Justice (Book Review)

Christians with a social conscience.  The idea wasn’t supposed to be so controversial.  But it seems whenever you combine the notions of justice with the gospel, the antennae go up for critics of the social gospel.  Now don’t get me … Continue reading

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Every Good Endeavor (Book Review)

My father-in-law is always reminding me that as a pastor my job is not to be a “ministry professional” but to equip others do minister in the vocations that God has uniquely called them to.  The biblical rationale for this … Continue reading

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Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God (Book Review)

There are a number of helpful books on prayer that I’ve read.  From most of them I’ve taken away one or two nuggets of truth that have bolstered my prayer life.  Paul Miller’s A Praying Life taught me to ask … Continue reading

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