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According to Plan (Book Review)

When I was in seminary I distinctly remember something my professor said.  It was an off-hand comment (aren’t they always the ones we remember?), but one I’ve been able to verify over the years.  It was a class on the … Continue reading

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From Eden to the New Jerusalem (Book Review)

I clearly remember it like it was yesterday.  My systematic theology professor in seminary, Dr. Howard Griffith, with a huge grin on his face, said in the middle of a lecture, “The coolest subject in the world to talk about … Continue reading

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The Symphony of Scripture (Book Review)

I remember it vividly. Twelve years ago, my pastor, my wife, the academic dean of the Washington D.C. campus of Reformed Theological Seminary, and I were at lunch discussing why I wanted to go to seminary. Back then, my heart … Continue reading

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Revisiting Postmodernism and the Possibility of Metanarrative

Several years ago I wrote a paper on whether metanarrative (a Grand Story that explains and makes sense of all other stories) is still possible in light of the postmodern critique.  I still think my argument is sound, but I recognize that there … Continue reading

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The Mosaic Covenant: Vos and Kline

Well, my seminary integrative paper is finally done!  It turned out to be a little longer than expected, but I’m happy with the result.  Almost a year ago I posted the proposal for the paper, which was to compare two … Continue reading

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The Story of a Kingdom

Perhaps the one theme that best characterizes and summarizes the Bible is the Kingdom of God.  The theme of kingdom encompasses covenant, history, prophecy, salvation, judgment, law, gospel, ethics, devotion, and even poetry.  Theologian Graeme Goldsworthy describes the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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Christ is the Fulfillment of the Old Testament

This essay analyzes one anecdotal example from the New Testament in which Christ is said to be the fulfillment of the Old Testament. The Book of Acts is chocked full of examples of redemptive-historical sermons and biblical theology that culminate … Continue reading

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