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According to Plan (Book Review)

When I was in seminary I distinctly remember something my professor said.  It was an off-hand comment (aren’t they always the ones we remember?), but one I’ve been able to verify over the years.  It was a class on the … Continue reading

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The Story of a Kingdom

Perhaps the one theme that best characterizes and summarizes the Bible is the Kingdom of God.  The theme of kingdom encompasses covenant, history, prophecy, salvation, judgment, law, gospel, ethics, devotion, and even poetry.  Theologian Graeme Goldsworthy describes the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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Old Testament “Macro-Typology” and the Christian Life

View book details at WTS Bookstore  How is “macro-typology” (Goldsworthy 109-114) crucial to applying the OT Scriptures to the Christian Life?  This short essay analyzes an example of an NT author using macro-typology to explain an OT episode for his audience. According … Continue reading

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How does the Gospel Provide Unity to the Bible?

View book details at WTS Bookstore This essay interacts with Graeme Goldsworthy in Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture on the following question: “How does the Gospel provide unity to the Bible?” By arguing that only the Gospel is … Continue reading

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