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40 Questions About Creation and Evolution (Book Review)

Dangitbill readers know I’ve been reading about the age of the earth issue for the last few months.  It’s been a challenge to find good resources on this topic, but as I’ve delved deeper and paid attention to sources there … Continue reading

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Will God Provide?

* This is a sermon on Genesis 22:1-19 Since God has proven himself trustworthy to provide for his people, we must look to Jesus Christ—our provision—when obedience becomes agonizingly difficult. Introduction – If God were to take back his promises … Continue reading

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An Unintended Eclipse

I’ve been warned not to be too creative.  Sometimes, I’m told, the illustration is more memorable than the main point.  If it’s true, as Marshall McLuhan says, that the medium is the message, then the medium better remind the audience of the … Continue reading

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