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Evangelism: Doing Justice and Preaching Grace (Book Review)

I’ve mentioned before on this blog the inter-church project that I’m working to build in my local community.  We call it the Warrenton Gospel Partnership.  It’s still in its infancy phase as we’re actively seeking to expand membership to a … Continue reading

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Fool’s Talk (Book Review)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems to be harder to talk to our friends and neighbors about the Bible, Christianity, and the gospel.  In one sense it has always been hard to talk about spiritual things because … Continue reading

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Tactics (Book Review)

My church is doing a Christian Apologetics adult class right now, so recently I’ve been on an apologetics and evangelism kick.  Takes me back to my college days when I cut my theological chops of finding answers to the questions … Continue reading

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The Heart of Evangelism (Book Review)

Evangelism.  Just dropping the word in polite conversation elicits groans.  Why?  Because for so many—the evangelist and the evangelized—it feels so unpleasant. Like a sales pitch.  “Do you have a happy life?  Do you have a sense that all is … Continue reading

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Evangelism on the Boardwalk

I took a 5-day long trip to the Jersey Shore during the week of July 4.  Monday afternoon to Saturday morning.  But my feet never touched the sand.  Why?  Because there was “kingdom work” to do at the Boardwalk Chapel … Continue reading

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The Explicit Gospel (Book Review)

Well, I dare say the gospel doesn’t get much more explicit than this! No one can ever say again, “I wish someone would write a book that explains the gospel—the whole gospel—in plain language that I can understand” if he … Continue reading

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A Reason for Living

In 1994 Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, preached a absolutely stunning sermon on finding a reason for living that rests on a solid foundation. Keller states his premise: “To find absolute freedom in life, we must … Continue reading

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