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Interpreting Eden (Book Review)

The creation/evolution debate is a complex issue with many facets.  Usually those involved in a discussion about this topic approach it primarily from either a scientific or religious angle.  All the players, by necessity, must weigh in from both angles, … Continue reading

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Theistic Evolution (Book Review)

Big fat books used to scare me.  You know the kind.  Over a thousand pages.  Builds your biceps just lifting it.  Serves as a decent doorstop.  Looks good on the shelf, and makes you look good until an admirer asks, … Continue reading

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40 Questions About Creation and Evolution (Book Review)

Dangitbill readers know I’ve been reading about the age of the earth issue for the last few months.  It’s been a challenge to find good resources on this topic, but as I’ve delved deeper and paid attention to sources there … Continue reading

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Defeating Darwinism (Book Review)

Sometimes a specialized subject matter expert is actually not the most qualified person to critique a related idea.  Case in point: Who would you trust more for advice on a difficult end-of-life decision for a loved one?  A life support … Continue reading

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Should Christians Embrace Evolution? (Book Review)

Sometimes it takes a team of experts to diffuse a bomb.  Whereas one man may take his time carefully constructing a bomb, once it is activated time becomes precious to minimize its damaging effects.  The give and take regarding ideas … Continue reading

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The Story of Creation

This is a sermon on Revelation 21:1-8.  Download sermon outline/commentary (and in spanish) and audio. God is working out his purpose in creation to bring glory to himself, creating from this fallen world a new heaven and earth through Jesus … Continue reading

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