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The Case For Life (Book Review)

For a long time I had desired to get involved in the pro-life cause, but I just didn’t know how to do it in a way that suited my abilities and personality.  The church I attended in high school had … Continue reading

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Praying the Bible (Book Review)

Prayer is like rowing.  It’s hard, tedious work.  And you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere if you don’t do it consistently.  Even so, there is a definite benefit to it.  Sometimes it’s even enjoyable.  But when the wind catches … Continue reading

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Creation and Change (Book Review)

Fundamentalist.  Just reading the word conjures strong emotions.  For some, it elicits thoughts of “Bible-believer,” “faithful Christian,” or “evangelical.”  But for others, the term connotes negativity, close-mindedness, harsh arrogance, or true-without-love. As I’ve been reading and reviewing various books on … Continue reading

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Hidden Christmas (Book Review)

Christmas season is too busy.  At least that’s the way it feels for me and my family.  In America and much of the world it is a religious and secular holiday, and many people celebrate both Jesus and have fun … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option (Book Review)

It’s not often that a book aimed at Christians makes such a big splash in mainstream culture.  I’m not talking about the occasional “Purpose Driven Life”  kinda book that makes it to the New York Times best-seller list.  That’s not … Continue reading

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Liberal Arts for the Christian Life (Book Review)

College.  If you had to do your life all over again, would you go to college?  A different college?  Do college differently?  Take it more seriously?  I had a great college experience at my alma mater Virginia Tech.  I changed … Continue reading

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Judges: Such a Great Salvation (Book Review)

Usually when I prepare to lead a group in Bible study, I try to go the extra mile.  Besides reading the Bible text that we’ll be looking at (that’s the necessary bare minimum!), and reading the same supplemental material I … Continue reading

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