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Love Thy Body (Book Review)

She did it.  But I’m not surprised.  Nancy Pearcey, evangelical scholar extraordinaire, has managed to write the best book to date on the questions about life and sexuality that swamp our culture.  Love Thy Body (LTB) comes with high praise … Continue reading

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Making Sense of God (Book Review)

When I first learned that Tim Keller would be writing a book on helping skeptics, doubters, and otherwise secular-minded people to begin “doubting their doubts” and give Christianity a second look, I determined to read it carefully.  You see, as … Continue reading

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Fool’s Talk (Book Review)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems to be harder to talk to our friends and neighbors about the Bible, Christianity, and the gospel.  In one sense it has always been hard to talk about spiritual things because … Continue reading

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Tactics (Book Review)

My church is doing a Christian Apologetics adult class right now, so recently I’ve been on an apologetics and evangelism kick.  Takes me back to my college days when I cut my theological chops of finding answers to the questions … Continue reading

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The Case for a Creator (Book Review)

“Equal time.”  Sometimes when the other side of an issue is presented, opponents decry that both sides were not given the chance to argue their case.  “Bias!  Give us equal time.”  But this kind of objection is usually special pleading. … Continue reading

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The Case for the Real Jesus (Book Review)

It’s an interesting phenomenon.  Many popular Christian apologists are slow to adapt to the changing questions that unbelievers ask about the Christian faith, and the evolving strategies of antagonistic nonbelievers seeking to discredit Christianity.  The most recent change, at least … Continue reading

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Popologetics (Book Review)

I grew up in the 1980s, which was a glorious decade for popular culture.  Maybe not the most faith-friendly era, but for 80s kids who grew up in the church, there were a lot of fun entertainments that shaped us.  … Continue reading

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