Longer Papers

NEW Children and Communicant Membership

(Designer) Church and the World

Does God’s Revelation Define Christian Worship as it Does Christian Doctrine?

Eschatological War as Salvation and Judgment

Is Love the Controlling Attribute of God?

Is Metanarrative Possible Following the Postmodern Critique? (revised and expanded)

Old Testament Prophetic Profiles (Isaiah-Malachi)

Sin and Grace: An Ancient and Everlasting Controversy

The Divine Warrior in Revelation

The Mosaic Covenant: A Theological Comparison of the Viewpoints of Geerhardus Vos and Meredith G. Kline

The New Humanity in Christ (revised and updated)

The Suffering and Glory of Christ in Jonah

Why I Believe in the Resurrection

Shorter Papers

Colwell’s Rule and John 1:1c

How Does Job Fit Proverbs (Part 1)

How Does Job Fit Proverbs (Part 2)

Reflections on Psalm 103

Some Thoughts on the New Perspective on Paul

The Israelite Monarchy: God’s Will and the People’s Sin

Why Did Job Suffer? (Part 1)

Why Did Job Suffer? (Part 2)


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