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Psalm 69 in the Gospel of John

This essay identifies Psalm 69 as having great significance to Christ and the Apostle John.  John’s gospel makes use of Psalm 69 to illustrate the suffering and glory of the Messiah, and does so with a basic grammical-historical hermeneutic of the original OT context, while … Continue reading

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The Authority and Power of Jesus

This sermon manuscript expounding Mark 11:12-25 is the end product of an exegesis exercise.  The attached document contains various steps in the exegetical process (passage translation from the Greek text, textual criticism, exegetical outline, commentary, theological outline, sermon manuscript, and bibliography). Scripture … Continue reading

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The Modern Search for the Real Jesus (Book Outline)

Buy from WTS Bookstore  The following is my fairly detailed book outline of Robert Strimple’s book.  It should serve as an excellent historical introduction to the “Jesus Quests” for students of the Gospels as well as interested lay persons. 1 Part One: … Continue reading

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Chapter Outlines of the Gospels

Matthew 1. Genealogy, Angel appears to Joseph 2. Visit of Magi, Flight to and return from Egypt 3. John the Baptist prepares the way, Jesus baptized 4. Satan tempts Jesus, Jesus begins ministry in Galilee 5-7  Sermon on the Mount 8. Jesus demonstrates power over … Continue reading

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Major Themes of the Gospels

Matthew Meek and Humble King Continuity of OT & NT Jesus is the Son of David King of the Jews King of Israel The Kingdom of Heaven (of God) God is generous and compassionate God hates hypocrisy, pride, selfishness, greed … Continue reading

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The Historical Reliability of the Gospels (Book Review)

Buy from With the turn of each page, I found myself asking “where was this book when I was in college?”  I’ve read many books searching for answers since discovering the world of Christian apologetics during my freshman year, … Continue reading

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