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Why Evolution Is True (Book Review)

The whole creation/evolution subject can be daunting for the novice.  But at first it appears quite straightforward.  The way most get started looks something like this. Just visit your local Christian bookstore or your church library, and find the book … Continue reading

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2 Samuel For You (Book Review)

It’s always a good feeling to finish what you start.  Whether your “it” is a project, a race, a job, a book, or keeping a promise, getting to the end after a long methodical journey is satisfying like nothing else.  … Continue reading

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Interpreting Eden (Book Review)

The creation/evolution debate is a complex issue with many facets.  Usually those involved in a discussion about this topic approach it primarily from either a scientific or religious angle.  All the players, by necessity, must weigh in from both angles, … Continue reading

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2000 Years of Christ’s Power: Volume 1 (Book Review)

The first era of church history has always been something of a mystery to me.  Not the first generation as recorded in the biblical book of Acts.  Nor the other happenings readers can glean from the apostolic writings in the … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Prophet (Book Review)

The biblical prophet Jonah reminds me of Jesus’ disciples when they revealed in the Gospels, over and over again, that they could be blockheads who just didn’t get it.  Most people, at various points in their lives, can relate to … Continue reading

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The Other Worldview (Book Review)

“Peter Jones is too smart for his own good.”  That was the comment my pastor friend whispered in my ear as we attended Jones’s seminar.  I thought the same thing, with the additional question, “Who is this guy, and why … Continue reading

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The Return of the King (Book Review)

Two summers ago I began my journey into the fantasy world of Middle Earth.  On a vacation trip to Ireland, diving into J.R.R. Tolkien‘s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was an adventure.  Even though I … Continue reading

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