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Theology of the Westminster Confession: Holy Scripture

My church is starting a new adult Sunday School class.  The topic is the theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF).  I taught the first session of class and will probably teach a few more before we wrap up … Continue reading

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For a Continuing Church (Book Review)

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is my adopted home.  I didn’t grow up Presbyteryian, but in God’s providence I found myself through a long series of little steps finding a home in the PCA.  Most people, if they’ve heard … Continue reading

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Children and the Lord’s Supper (Book Review)

Most Christians today don’t think anything of the worldwide church’s majority practice regarding the Lord’s Supper. Namely that baptized people who profess the faith may come to the Eucharist to participate. Other churches add that such people ought to be … Continue reading

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Questions about the Nature and Necessity of the Church

A young lady at my church had to write a paper about Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, especially the topic of Book 4 (the Church).  In her research, she asked two pastors from different denominations a series of questions … Continue reading

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What is the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)?

From time to time, our congregation has visitors and attenders from other Presbyterian churches.  For many of these folks, the worship, practice, and beliefs of HPC are quite different than what they thought was a uniform presbyterianism.  “Presbyterian” no longer … Continue reading

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