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Liberal Arts for the Christian Life (Book Review)

College.  If you had to do your life all over again, would you go to college?  A different college?  Do college differently?  Take it more seriously?  I had a great college experience at my alma mater Virginia Tech.  I changed … Continue reading

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Theology of the Westminster Confession: Holy Scripture

My church is starting a new adult Sunday School class.  The topic is the theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF).  I taught the first session of class and will probably teach a few more before we wrap up … Continue reading

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A History of Western Philosophy and Theology (Book Review)

Understanding the fundamentals of a particular topic is hard enough.  Add the history of that topic and the complexity increases substantially.  Now, what if that topic is (drum roll), PHILOSOPHY?  Most people’s eyes would glaze over if they didn’t first … Continue reading

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Teaching to Change Lives (Book Review)

A while back I rediscovered a little book on my wife’s shelf.  She had never read it and neither had I, but someone gave it to her and highly recommended it.  Then I remembered years ago seeing my roommate Barry’s … Continue reading

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The Bible and Its Influence (Book Review)

When it comes to teaching the Bible, you can’t please everyone.  And when it comes to teaching the Bible as an academic course in public schools, you really can’t please everyone.  But the Bible Literacy Project did an outstanding job … Continue reading

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