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Defeating Darwinism (Book Review)

Sometimes a specialized subject matter expert is actually not the most qualified person to critique a related idea.  Case in point: Who would you trust more for advice on a difficult end-of-life decision for a loved one?  A life support … Continue reading

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The Case for a Creator (Book Review)

“Equal time.”  Sometimes when the other side of an issue is presented, opponents decry that both sides were not given the chance to argue their case.  “Bias!  Give us equal time.”  But this kind of objection is usually special pleading. … Continue reading

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Is Evolution Your Religion?

Poets write about what they value and believe to be true, good, and beautiful.  The poem is not aiming at the reader’s head, but his heart.  In this sense, poetry can be worship.  The analyst, the scientist, the theoretician, and … Continue reading

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