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Controversy of the Ages (Book Review)

Dangitbill readers know that a little while back I set out to study the topic of the age of the earth.  There are basically 3 logically possible positions (old, young, and eternal).  Only the first 2 are scientifically viable today … Continue reading

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Righteousness and Nakedness

It’s not common for a preacher to receive useful feedback on a sermon before Sunday. Here’s an exception. My dear mother, who continues to put up with my antics, texted these words to me upon hear the word “nakedness” in … Continue reading

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Severe Mercy

When Christians in their weakness cling to God and his promises, they can face any opponent—from heaven or earth—as people transformed by God’s powerful, effectual, and even painful mercy in Christ. (Theme of Genesis 32:9-12, 22-32) Have you ever felt … Continue reading

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Our Trustworthy God

This is a sermon on Genesis 15:1-21.  Download sermon outline/commentary and audio.  Sermon outline also available in Spanish. When we faithfully struggle to believe in God and his word, God responds by explaining how he will accomplish his promises, which … Continue reading

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Redeeming Science (Book Review)

Vern Poythress is one of my favorite Christian teachers and authors. If you haven’t heard of him, check out the website he shares with his “theological soulmate” John Frame. Poythress is the kind of Christian who is wise enough to … Continue reading

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Understanding Aronofsky’s “Noah” Movie

Have you seen director and co-writer Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah movie?  I haven’t yet.  I’ve read a lot of Christian reviews and discussions about the Noah film.  They generally go back and forth: Noah is not biblically faithful enough, or Noah … Continue reading

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What a Mess!

This is a sermon on Genesis 29:31-30:24.  Download sermon outline/commentary and audio. Despite Israel’s dysfunctional beginnings, the LORD continues to work through his people’s messiness, foolishness and sin—humbling them to prompt their trust in him, and thus providing for their … Continue reading

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