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Opening Day at the Museum of the Bible

What a birthday present!  Way back in August my wife reserved 2 tickets for opening day on November 18, 2017 to the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) in Washington DC.  Two and only two tickets, which of course means the … Continue reading

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Controversy of the Ages (Book Review)

Dangitbill readers know that a little while back I set out to study the topic of the age of the earth.  There are basically 3 logically possible positions (old, young, and eternal).  Only the first 2 are scientifically viable today … Continue reading

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Mission and Destiny

Reading the epitaphs engraved on tombstones can be a surprisingly accurate way of learning a person’s life mission and their best guess at their destiny. Consider Robert Clay Allison (d. 1887), a Wild West gunslinger: “He never killed a man … Continue reading

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Wisdom and the Word

Let’s play a round of word association. When I say the name “David Hume,” what is the first word that comes to mind? Philosopher? Radical skeptic? Dead white male? Who? Hume is still one of the most influential thinkers in … Continue reading

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Work and Rest

We called him “Stan the Man.” Not because he played All-Star baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1940s and 1950s (not THAT “Stan”), but because our Stan seemed to live peacefully above the stress level of every other … Continue reading

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Home and Place

Moving day. Did I just stir in you a childhood memory of hope for a future adventure mixed with longing over a loss? That’s what the memory of moving day does for me. Unlike some, my family didn’t move around … Continue reading

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Marriage and Faithfulness

Whenever a pastor preaches on the subject of marriage and divorce, he’s always in grave danger of being misunderstood, of not saying enough, or breaking the number one rule of preaching. That rule is “Comfort the afflicted with God’s gospel, … Continue reading

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