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God’s Glorious Symphony

What maxim will be used to describe us? If you’re a Truth person—as doctrinally sound? Or a Beauty person—as humble, and loving? Or a Morality person—as lovers of good? In the world’s eyes, religion is all about teaching morality and … Continue reading

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Bible Overview (Book Review)

Years ago I remember hearing Bible teacher R.C. Sproul respond to one of his fans.  The man said he was so thankful for Sproul’s teacher because he made the Bible “come alive” for his students.  Nothing too unusual there.  Gifted … Continue reading

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The Songs of Jesus (Book Review)

Martin Luther famously quipped the Psalms are a “little Bible.”  Israel’s inspired hymnal has served for nearly 3000 years as the devotional songbook of God’s people.  The Psalter is certainly the most precious and read portion of all the Bible.  … Continue reading

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How to Handle False Teaching

Have you ever sat through a sermon in which the teaching and the Bible just didn’t seem to match? I’m not talking about the preacher who says something that the Bible teaches, just not from his chosen text. Nor am … Continue reading

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Feed on His Grace

Christmas is only one week away. You’re probably getting exciting now. We’ve been wrapping a few presents each night for the past couple weeks. My kids have noticed the growing pile under the tree. The younger ones make it a … Continue reading

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Hope in God’s Promises

We’re in the middle of a three-week Advent series on how to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Last week we looked at what it means to wait for the Lord, and we learned that one of the main things we … Continue reading

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Wait for the Lord

The end of the calendar year is the beginning of the church year. Both are characterized by waiting for the Christmas holiday, but the objects of their waiting can be quite different. The differences are not always good vs. bad, … Continue reading

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