Transformed By Praise

Week 11 (8/11/2009)

  • Preparation for Week 11: Read the second part of chapter 6 (pp. 147-157) of the book (this will complete the readings)
  • Agenda: Discuss the assigned reading, prayer, and fellowship.
  • For Further Study:
    • Read the entire Book of Psalms over a period of 30-45 days.  Read about 5 psalms a day (more if the psalms are shorter; less if the psalms are longer)


Week 10 (7/28/2009)


Week 9 (7/14/2009)

  • Preparation for Week 9: Read the second part of chapter 5 (pp. 114-128) of the book
  • Agenda: Discuss the assigned reading, prayer, and fellowship.


Week 8 (7/7/2009)


Week 7 (6/30/2009)


Week 6 (6/9/2009)


Week 5 (6/2/2009)


Week 4 (5/26/2009)


Week 3 (5/19/2009)


Week 2 (5/12/2009)


Week 1 (5/5/2009)


General Information

  • The Day: Tuesday nights.
  • The Time: Arrive from 6:45 to 7:00pm and start at 7:00pm sharp, ending the study at 8:30pm. This time is flexible depending on what family and children’s schedules are like, but let’s start with this for now.
  • Timeframe: About 11 weeks.
  • Childcare: Provided.
  • Transformed by Praise Bible StudyThe Study: Join your neighbors and others as we discover how our joys, desires, doubts, sufferings, and hopes are expressed in the ancient book of Psalms. We will learn how to better understand and appreciate Hebrew poetry, and apply it to worshiping God and living the Christian life. God’s people love the Psalms—pray them, sing them, meditate on them. Transformed by Praise will help you understand them more deeply and love them more. Out of the depths of his own suffering and from his intensive study, Mark Futato has found in the Psalms a compelling portrait of Christ himself. The Psalms take us from lament to praise through a life-transforming encounter with their divine Author.
  • The Study Materials: Your Bible (any version) and the book called “Transformed by Praise” by Mark Futato.
  • First Meeting: Tuesday, May 5.
  • Affiliation: Heritage Presbyterian Church (PCA).

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