Practical Apologetics

This is a Sunday School class I taught a few years ago on Christian Apologetics.  My purpose was to stress the practical side of this discipline of “defending” or giving reasons for believing the Christian faith.  Apologetics (like anything else worth studying) has a tendency to become incredibly technical and complicated, with distinctions and qualifications stacking up to heaven.  Please don’t misunderstand: these are necessary in their proper place.  But they are not appropriate for the intended audience of these brief lessons.  With that caveat, I pray these class handouts may be useful to God’s people in giving them confidence in their faith, and to others who may have little acquaintance with Christianity and practical apologetics.

  1. Introduction to Apologetics & Does God Exist?
  2. Is Christianity Different Than Other Religions?
  3. Is the Bible the Word of God?
  4. What About Those Who Never Hear of Christ?
  5. What Happened to Jesus?
  6. Has Science Discredited the Bible?

2 Responses to Practical Apologetics

  1. HannahJ says:

    I came across your blog while doing preliminary research for a research paper exploring tolerant exclusivism (and what did I get but a 50-some page outline!). Your essays and handouts are, at least upon a quick overview, fantastic. Keep it up.

  2. Hannah,

    Thanks for the encouraging comment. Let me know how your research paper turns out.

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