Foundations in Genesis

Foundations in GenesisSummary

Genesis is a book of Beginnings and stands as the foundation of all Scripture.  Such fundamental biblical themes like creation, the Fall, sin, covenant, election, family, and the Gospel are introduced within the historical framework of God’s redemption of His people.  This class will explore the major biblical themes in Genesis, their relation to the rest of the Bible, and application to Christians today.  As we study Genesis, we will grow in our love of God’s Word, our understanding of how the stories relate theologically and chronologically to each other, and our appreciation of it as a literary, doctrinal, and devotional masterpiece.

The book of Genesis is a religious-historical book written to a specific audience in another culture almost 3500 years ago.  This study will attempt to overcome these interpretive barriers by transporting us to the ancient Near East to view the message of Genesis through the eyes of the original audience.  We will learn how the study of history sheds light on our understanding of the Genesis covenants, God’s view of family responsibility, personal and communal faith, and the overarching plan to redeem the nations of the earth from sin through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

By hearing with faith what Genesis has to teach the Church, we will no longer see Genesis as merely a collection of Jewish stories and genealogies, but as the foundation of Scripture and our “faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

Class Outline

  1. The Importance of Genesis to a Christian Understanding of the Bible and All of Life
  2. Creation of Heaven and Earth
  3. The Fall of Man and the Nature of Sin
  4. Adam’s Children and the Flood
  5. The Origin and Destiny of the Nations
  6. The Abrahamic Covenant
  7. Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac
  8. Patriarchal Family of Faith (Election and Promise)
  9. Joseph and the Providence of God
  10. Jacob’s Prophecy & Christ in Genesis
  11. The Gospel of Christ in Genesis

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