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Devotional Classics (Book Review)

Today I found myself at a local MLK commemoration.  My Presbyterian church is in gospel partnership with an African-American Baptist church.  Their church cosponsored the event with other churches in our community, and our church was invited to attend.  Surrounded … Continue reading

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It Couldn’t Just Happen (Book Review)

Not everyone can be an expert.  Achieving competency in a particular field takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  Attaining to the lofty peak of “expert,” and garnering a reputation as such, adds to these requirements the characteristics of intelligence, ambition, … Continue reading

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Christian, You Are a Bondservant

As we wrap up the Advent and Christmas season, many of you are thinking about the New Year, which brings up the topic of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re inclined that way, setting goals and starting new habits are on … Continue reading

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Christian, You Are a Church Member

I.C.2. When the preacher got to that point on last week’s sermon outline as he wrapped up our church’s series on the Gospel of John, I thought, “Oh no, he’s scooping my Bible passage!” It was just a little point, … Continue reading

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When Santa Learned the Gospel

Thanksgiving 2019 is in the rear view mirror.  Family members have come and gone.  But it’s not back to normal yet because Christmas season is already here!  If you’re a family that appreciates the truths and the myths of Christmas, … Continue reading

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The Myth of Certainty (Book Review)

Years ago I used to read the blog of a contemplative minister who taught at a Christian school for underprivileged kids in Kentucky’s Appalachia.  Many knew Michael Spencer by his online alias: The Internet Monk, or simply iMonk.  I got … Continue reading

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AiG Pocket Guides (Book Review)

Last summer my family took a road trip to visit the infamous Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, both attractions by the young earth creationist ministry Answers in Genesis.  My wife and oldest child were overseas on a short term mission … Continue reading

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