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Married For God (Book Review)

Years ago my wife and I were given some misleading marriage advice.  “If you want your marriage to survive, you need to have a weekly date night.  Hire a babysitter, go out for dinner, romance each other, and have a … Continue reading

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Disciple Making

I bet I can name one thing that will trigger a flurry of mental gymnastics.  The mere mention of this one thing is enough to launch your brain into overdrive excuse-making mode.  What is this dreaded thing?  The sign-up sheet!  … Continue reading

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Confessing the Faith (Book Review)

There is a manly tobacco shop (is that a tautology?) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where a few of my friends visit about twice a year for a guy hangout day.  Upstairs in the smoking lounge is where all the deep discussion … Continue reading

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The Case For Life (Book Review)

For a long time I had desired to get involved in the pro-life cause, but I just didn’t know how to do it in a way that suited my abilities and personality.  The church I attended in high school had … Continue reading

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Death and Eternity

I’m wrapping up a series on what I call “universal human longings.” This one, based on the Bible passage in the book of Romans 8:18-39, I’ve saved for last because, more than any of the others, it makes the transition … Continue reading

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Not You Too, U2!

A friend of mine (a fellow U2 superfan) told me about the just-released music video for “Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way.”  (You can google the video and easily find it online.  I’m not going to link to … Continue reading

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The Glory of Their Times (Book Review)

Long-time and hard-core readers of Dangitbill might have guessed that I’m a big baseball fan.  I caught the fever around the same age most boys do.  The year was 1985, I was 10 years old, and my home team Los … Continue reading

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