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The Two Towers (Book Review)

Last summer I delved into the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) book trilogy for the first time since high school.  Previously I told the tale of how my 12th grade self read the first of three installments (The Fellowship of … Continue reading

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The Message of Galatians (Book Review)

Man, is it ever true!  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Another truism: wonderful books are finally being adorned—at least occasionally—with appealing cover designs they so often deserve.  Back in the day many books looked so blah.  And … Continue reading

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Galatians For You (Book Review)

What’s your favorite book of the Bible?  To some, that might seem an odd question.  For me, I’ve always said Galatians.  Ever since my late teens, when the church my family attended spent considerable time preaching and studying this earliest … Continue reading

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Good Faith (Book Review)

Most people in America have heard of the Barna Group.  It is a Christian sociological research organization with expertise in statistical polling of the population.  Fewer folks have heard of Q.  “Q” is a community devoted to learning and education … Continue reading

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Peace and Human Flourishing

How would you define the word “peace”? When most people think of peace, the first idea that comes to mind is the opposite of war—the absence of fighting. In other words, peace is for many a negation—a lack of something … Continue reading

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Theology of the Westminster Confession: Church Censures & Synods and Councils

My church is nearing the end of an extensive adult Sunday School class.  The topic is the theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF).  The idea is that each teacher will develop a set of slides to aid in … Continue reading

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Praying the Bible (Book Review)

Prayer is like rowing.  It’s hard, tedious work.  And you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere if you don’t do it consistently.  Even so, there is a definite benefit to it.  Sometimes it’s even enjoyable.  But when the wind catches … Continue reading

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