Can the Religious Right Be Saved?

God and Country, always hand in hand?

God and Country, always hand in hand?

Word is quickly spreading that Russell Moore just “killed it” last week when he presented the 29th annual Erasmus Lecture, sponsored by First Things (published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life).  Moore is the President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He has become something of a mouthpiece for American evangelicals who see their role as more prophetic minority than Moral Majority.

The transcript of Moore’s lecture is here.  If you prefer to watch it, the video of Moore’s lecture is over an hour long, so you’ll need to plan to sit down to watch it. (If you prefer audio only: here is the podcast link, dated 10/27/2016.) But with Election Day 2016 quickly approaching on Tuesday November 8, I urge you to consider watching it your own personal voting preparation.  Viewers may not agree with everything Moore says, but his is an important perspective that’s begging for a wider audience.  So what is Moore’s short answer to the question “Can the Religious Right Be Saved?”  No, and why would gospel-loving people want to save it anyway?  The gloves are off.  Tune in to watch the fight.

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