A Reason for Living

The futility of Sisyphus's life

The futility of Sisyphus’s life

In 1994 Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, preached a absolutely stunning sermon on finding a reason for living that rests on a solid foundation.

Keller states his premise: “To find absolute freedom in life, we must admit that life on its own accord is meaningless.  True meaning in life is only found through Jesus Christ, the designer of life.”

Both evangelism and apologetics, he challenged a mixed audience of young people, both believers and unbelievers, all intellectually sophisticated, to admit that living for yourself and being free puts you on a collision course with your own beliefs.  We want to be free to live however we want, to discover our true selves, so we reason that in order to be free we must conclude there is no God (or at least there is no knowable God).  Keller, with his characteristic wit, humor, and intellectual approach to Christian apologetics, will by the sheer force of his argument compel any honest person to examine his reasons for living with the way he actually lives.  In other words, do you actually live according to your worldview?

He invites all who will listen with an open mind to dare to believe (and for good reasons) that the longings of the human heart, in an intellectually defensible manner, can lead us to the truth that Jesus is the Reason for Living.

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