Revisiting Postmodernism and the Possibility of Metanarrative

Several years ago I wrote a paper on whether metanarrative (a Grand Story that explains and makes sense of all other stories) is still possible in light of the postmodern critique.  I still think my argument is sound, but I recognize that there is more that can be said.  Specifically, the Bible has a lot to say to postmoderns that deny the possibility of metanarratives today.  Although the Bible was written from the point of view of the ancient world (or to be more precise the ancient Near East world), it is not at all like the scriptures of other ancient religions.  It is wholly different because it is rooted in history, and its message is of a God who entered human history in miraculous ways to humiliate and discredit all other “so-called” gods.

So I offer my original paper in revised and expanded format to include a section on how the Bible not only requires the existence of metanarrative today, but argues convincingly that only the Bible is truthful in its explanations of the world.

Today’s philosophers ask whether metanarrative is possible following the postmodern critique.  Christian theologians answer with a thoughtful “Yes!” and the Bible’s attestation of God’s actions in history agrees.

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