Saturday Seminary in Minutes

Have you ever wanted to know what a seminary education is all about?  Do you wish that someday you could study the Bible and theology in depth?  Do you regret that you didn’t go to seminary and missed out on the spiritual maturity that often comes with digging deeper into the things of God?  Are you a Christian leader who often gets the feeling that you need more biblical training to be effective in your ministry?  Do you want to begin seminary-level study right now but lack the money or the time?  You don’t have to fret anymore.  Third Millennium Ministries is in the midst of a far-reaching project to provide a seminary-level education to everyone in the world for free.

I hope to devote space on Dangitbill! each Saturday to facilitate your desire to “get fed” spiritual meat.  Each Saturday you can view here a short video presentation (usually 5-7 minutes) that over time will add up to a similar experience of actually sitting in a classroom and learning from some of the most respected Reformed and evangelical teachers in the world.

So pull up a chair on Saturdays, grab a cup of coffee, and start your educational journey into the Bible!  For a teaser promo, view the Third Millennium Ministries (IIIM) video below.

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