The Witness of the Persevering Church

The Open Door of Rev 3 7-13

Recently I preached a sermon on the letter to the Church of Philadelphia in the book of Revelation (3:7-13).  My exegesis of the passage resulted in the following summary:

Although the church of Philadelphia has little power, is undergoing persecution, and yet has not compromised their Christian witness, King Jesus will soon reverse their situation if they remain faithful and will one day vindicate them openly by identifying them with the blessed name of God.

It might be useful to view my process of study and resulting outlines that I used for preaching and teaching this passage.  They are available here.

The introductory sermon illustration about the “swisters” is available here.

The link to the sermon audio page is here.

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One Response to The Witness of the Persevering Church

  1. Eddie Clarke says:

    It is proven that if a person persaveres through hardship and struggle that God will vindicate and turn the cituation around.

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