Graduation Day

I'm a Master of Religion (M.A.R.), but don't call me master.

Last Friday I finally, after 6 and a half years, graduated from seminary.  Although I’ve been finished with my classwork for about a month, I (and I think even more so my family!) have been anticipating this day.  It was everything I thought it would be: fun, satisfying, uplifting, and challenging as we graduates heard a stirring charge to go into this broken world, especially into the cities, and work for justice, mercy, and humility before God and his gospel.  So many people think that once school is over, it is time to relax.  But this cannot be so for someone called into the ministry of Jesus Christ and the work of reconciling sinners to himself.  Yes, the tests and papers and constant studying are done–at least for awhile, but the real work has just begun.  I am reminded on U2’s song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” where Bono sings in the background behind the song’s battle call: “The real battle just begun, to claim the victory Jesus won–on Sunday Bloody Sunday.”  The world’s D-day happened at Calvary, I’ve been given my marching orders, God willing I will soon be issued my soldier’s uniform and assigned my field of service, and I pray I will faithfully advance my post in the Kingdom of God.

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4 Responses to Graduation Day

  1. Clark says:

    Hey Brian … I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I wanted to tell you how great I think it is. I also wanted to congratulate you on your graduation. Way to go brother!


  2. Clark says:

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind if I place a link to your blog on my own –


  3. Clark,

    Thanks for the kind words. :-) Of course you can link to my blog. After a long sabbatical finishing school stuff, I hope to post more often.

  4. Congratulations! May your next steps be clear, solid, and blessed as you move to your next stage in life.


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