The Mosaic Covenant: Vos and Kline

The Mosaic Covenant: God Dwelling in Israel's Midst

Well, my seminary integrative paper is finally done!  It turned out to be a little longer than expected, but I’m happy with the result.  Almost a year ago I posted the proposal for the paper, which was to compare two Reformed biblical theologians on the Mosaic covenant: Geerhardus Vos and Meredith G. Kline.  Researching this topic proved to be a rewarding experience for me in several ways.

First, I learned what it takes to write a book.  This paper is over 150 pages long (double-spaced).  I’ve never written something nearly that long before, but now I know what it takes to persevere.  It was a tough task for awhile (as my wife can attest)!  Thank you sweetie for your greater perseverance with the kids while I was holed away in the office night after night pecking away at the keyboard.  You only lost patience once or twice, but who can blame you.  :-)

Second, speaking of perseverance, my academic advisor provided numerous comments, questions, suggestions, and corrections which required further research.  So I learned how to do rewrites, re-research, and reexamination of my initial conclusions.  The learning process proved invaluable.

Third, I learned a lot about the Mosaic covenant and how it is related to the rest of the Bible.  If this does not interest you, or if it seems trivial for believers this side of the cross, then I urge you to reconsider.  This topic is enormously important and touches on many practical aspects of Christianity, including how we are to respond to the law and live the Christian life.  Both Vos and Kline have much to teach the church on how to understand and apply the law today.  Although they differ considerable on a number of key issues, they are in essential agreement that the Mosaic covenant has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ, and that in the new covenant we are under the gracious “Law of Christ.”

I considered posting the paper in chapter increments, hoping that this would increase the number of people who will actually take the time to read it.  Not that I am a profound writer, but rather that Vos and Kline are such creative and insightful theologians, and I quote them extensively throughout.  But whenever I mentioned my paper topic and its length to friends I thought might be interested in reading it, I would get a now-familiar eyes-glossed-over look.  So I’ve decided to just post my paper in its entirety all at once.  No sense dragging it out.  If you are someone who is interested, then you’ll read it regardless of how it’s posted.

The Mosaic Covenant: A Theological Comparison of the Viewpoints of Geerhardus Vos and Meredith G. Kline

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2 Responses to The Mosaic Covenant: Vos and Kline

  1. richard says:

    just finished reading it… full of great insights. Thanks for all the hard work!
    from Oxford, UK

  2. Weston Seattle WA says:

    I’m gonna take a gander at this

    appreciate it

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