Not Legalism, Not License, But Christ

What I might look like with clerical robes, brown hair, no glasses, and a phat mustache

This past Sunday I was invited to preach on Philippians 3 to the hometown fans.  It was the first time I’ve prepared and delivered a sermon to my home congregationin about 4 years, so I was a little nervous.  After all, if Jesus was disregarded in his hometown of Nazareth, how should an inexperienced preacher like me expect to fare?  Well, the threats of spitwads and rotten fruit aimed my direction never materialized.  I suppose that’s a good sign.

My sermon outline which I preached from, notes for the children’s sermonette, and my exegetical and theological outlines of Phil 3 may be of help in understanding and applying this awesome biblical passage.  I was very blessed to be assigned such a passage which deals with the doctrines of justification by faith alone and sanctification so clearly and passionately.  These topics tends to “preach themselves” so that the preacher just needs to let the text speak for itself and let the Holy Spirit do his job on the hearers.  I know that happened to me during my study preparation.  All of God’s Holy Word is profitable, but the gospel is the power of God to salvation!

Not Legalism, Not License, But Christ (Sermon Outline, Exegetical, and Theological Notes)

Not Legalism, Not License, But Christ (Sermon Audio)

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