The Story of a Kingdom

The Story of a Kingdom

Perhaps the one theme that best characterizes and summarizes the Bible is the Kingdom of God.  The theme of kingdom encompasses covenant, history, prophecy, salvation, judgment, law, gospel, ethics, devotion, and even poetry.  Theologian Graeme Goldsworthy describes the Kingdom of God as “God’s People, Living in God’s Place, Under God’s Rule.”  This useful saying is told in simple English by Jonathan Gibson in a fully illustrated book, study guide, and PowerPoint slides.  The story that he writes is rooted in the redemptive-historical biblical theology of Geerhardus Vos and Goldsworthy.  But it’s not just a story, it is a gripping retelling of The Story, a call to humble repentance and faith in the God of that Kingdom, and a way to find our place in God’s kingdom.

These free downloadable materials may be used to explain the basic plotline of the Bible to children, new believers, and even mature Christians.  They are especially suited to small group Bible Studies and ESL classes that churches may offer to their communities.  And the folks who distribute the SOK resources are committed to the advancement of that Kingdom by also offering SOK in various translations for missions purposes.  For all those who lament biblical illiteracy and the lack of a Christian worldview in the Church today, teaching The Story of a Kingdom would go a long way to remedy the problem.

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