Who Are Those Famous Guys?

Dangitbill Thugs, WallEvery summer my family and I try to vacation with my college roommates and their families.  Most of us have kids now, so we let them play together while we get reacquainted after a year apart and reminisce about the good old college years.  We’re all still close, having many things in common, including our faith in Christ.

Another thing we have in common is the last experience we shared in college.  Here’s the story:

Probably during some late-night rant on how the world would be a better place if ruled by us (thank God THAT didn’t happen), we concocted a prank to leave our stamp on Blacksburg, VA.  For some reason, it seemed funny to take an old fashioned gangster photo of us, frame it, and discreetly stick it up on the wall in our favorite local restaraunt Macado’s.

Dangitbill Thugs, Seat

Even though such a framed picture would certainly match the restaurant decor, we didn’t think it would be there for very long before someone noticed and pried it off the wall.  But it seemed like a good college stunt, being innocent and all in good fun, so we did it.

Well, a few weeks ago one of those guys (the one on the left in the photo who used to sport a “mane”) was visiting Virginia Tech for the first time in 10 years, and decided to go check out the “scene of the crime”.  Well, it’s still there!  During the visit, he revealed the identity of the thugs in the photo to the wait staff, thus solving a mystery to them of who those “famous guys” were!


(Download the original photo here)

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3 Responses to Who Are Those Famous Guys?

  1. Lisa says:

    how funny– Joe and I were *just* talking about this a few weeks ago. we are so glad it is still there!!! some things are still right with the world.
    Lisa R.

  2. Henry Anglin says:

    NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to hook up with you for years. You have been on my heart off and on. I have always wondered what has become of you. Are you still on fire! Do you still have a passion for prophecy. You open my eyes to the power of prophecy in the bible. Tonight I did a search on your name and found your blog. I am living in Burke, VA. I hope you are nearby and we can have dinner or lunch or something. I hope you check this site soon. Shoot me an email. You Brother in Christ.

    Henry Anglin

  3. Scott says:

    Those are some handsome dudes. I especially like the goon with the big shoulders :)

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