A Step Forward

Yesterday the presbytery in the PCA denomination which my church is affiliated with voted to have me come under pastoral care as a candidate for the gospel ministry.  It was an honor to give my personal testimony of God’s saving work in my life, my abiding faith in Jesus Christ, and my sensing that God is leading me to pursue a call to the pastorate.

One of my pastors gave me a charge from Colossians 3 to keep my eyes on God above and asked me the following standard questions for ministry care candidates:

  1. Do you promise in reliance upon the grace of God to maintain a becoming Christian character, and to be diligent and faithful in making full preparation for the sacred ministry?
  2. Do you promise to submit yourself to the proper supervision of the Presbytery in matters that concern your preparation for the ministry?

I enthusiastically answered “yes” and pray that by God’s grace I will keep this charge faithfully.  Anyone who knows me recognizes that this is a big step forward.  I’ve always hesitated to commit to a direction of where I sensed God leading me in terms of how I will specifically serve Him and his church in my life.  Coming under care as a ministry candidate is for me (and my church) a declaration and public commitment of where I hope to be headed.  Exciting times indeed!

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