What Happened to Jesus?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Why did he bother?

The Resurrection of Jesus is the capstone of Christianity.  Without the Resurrection, the edifice of the Christian faith crumbles.  The Bible says that if Christ is not raised, then our faith is in vain, and we are the most pitied of all men.  But if Christ indeed is risen, then all his claims (including those of his deity and future judgment) are validated and it is the greatest FEAT in history.  If the Resurrection of Jesus really happened, then He demonstrated that He is Lord!  The enemies of God have rightly concluded that if the Resurrection theory can be shown false, then Jesus is just another religious leader who may be safely ignored.  For if Jesus cannot save sinners, then there is no hope in following Him.  1 Cor 15:12-19

1.  Doctrine of the Resurrection of Christ
     a.  Jesus lived on earth in a real human body – just like ours. John 1:14; Phil 2:5-8
     b.  Jesus was crucified on a cross and he really died – the same bodily death that all of us will face.  John 19:17-18,28-33
     c.  Jesus really came back to life from death in the same physical body – albeit a “resurrected body”.  Luke 24:1-12,36-43
     d.  Jesus is alive and still in His resurrected body, and abides in heaven to this day, making intercession and preparing a place for the Church.  Luke 24:46-53; John 14:1-2; Heb 7:23-25
     e.  Jesus defeated the power of sin on the cross.  But the final enemy to the believer is death, which Jesus defeated in His Resurrection.  1 Cor 15:20-28,50-57

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