Is Christianity Different Than Other Religions?

Is Christianity Different Than Other Religions?

It is important to remember that we are learning what Christianity and Other Religions teach as their fundamental tenets, rather than what many followers of these religions believe.  You may find very frequently that when you converse with someone from another religion (or even Christianity) they will say something like, “That’s not what my religion teaches and I don’t believe that.”  That person may not consistently believe the teachings of their religion, or they may be mistaken about its teachings, and that’s OK.  Discuss and deal with what they believe; don’t get hung up on talking about some teaching of their religion that they don’t even believe.

1.  Many people think that all religions “lead to Jerusalem”, meaning that all religions are basically the same and they will all get you to heaven.

     a.  They cite the evidence that all religions are concerned with ethics and how we should be good.
     b.  They point out that most religions believe in something called “God”.
     c.  They stress that most religions attempt to answers the meaningful questions of life, namely:

          i.  Where did the world come from?  Where did I come from?
          ii.  Why am I here?  What is the purpose and meaning of life?
          iii.  What happens to me when I die?  What will become of the world?

     d.  They note that religion and spirituality are common to every ancient civilization.
     e.  These observations are offered as proof that different religions basically teach the same thing.

2.  Although all religions are concerned with the same types of questions, their truth claims are opposed to one another.  Let’s see how Christianity is different than the rest in a few important categories: God, Jesus Christ, Man, Evil, and Salvation.

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