Scaling the Secular City (Book Outline)

Scaling the Secular City

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The following is my detailed book outline of J.P. Moreland’s book Scaling the Secular City.  It should serve as an excellent introduction to evangelical classical apologetics for students as well as interested lay persons.

From the back cover:

Scaling the Secular City is the most sophisticated apologetics book I have read.  It lays out the issues, arguments, and counterarguments in a thorough way.  Moreland’s special strength lies in philosophy of science, and the book makes a real advance in the interface between Christianity and science.”  William Lane Craig

“[This] is not just another apologetics book.  This is a fresh, up-to-date defense of the Christian faith by a bright mind.  J.P. Moreland musters new arguments, tackles new problems, and reveals penetrating insight…His insights into the contemporary philosophical issues make him one of the ablest young apologists in America.”  Norman L. Geisler

“No evangelical now writing on apologetics surpasses Moreland in philosophical ability.  Every person who intends to speak for Christ to the contemporary mind should master the content and spirit of this book.”  Dallas Willard

View the detailed book outline here.

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