Foundations in Genesis, Part 9

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.  Now therefore, do not be afraid; I will provide for you and your little ones.” (Gen. 50:20-21a)

Joseph and the Providence of God

JosephThe Story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

  1. Joseph: From Riches to Rags to Riches
    Gen 37:3-11; Gen 37:12-36; Gen 39-41
  2. Joseph as a Blessing to God’s Chosen People
    Gen 37:5-11; Gen 45:5-28
  3. Joseph as a Blessing to the Nations
    Gen 39:1-6a; Gen 39:20-23; Gen 41: 37-41; Gen 41:53-57; Gen 47:13-26
  4. Joseph as an Example of Christian Faith
  • Trusting God Despite Our Circumstances
  • Choosing Righteousness Over Sin
  • Excellence in Our Labor
  • Brotherly Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Seeing God Redemptive Plan with the Eyes of Faith

The Bridge Between Genesis and Exodus

  1. The Land Possessed: The Patriarchs Dwell in the Promised Land (Genesis 12-36)
  2. The Land Surrendered: Joseph Leads God’s People to Egypt (Genesis 37-50)
  3. The Land Desired: Israelites are in Bondage in Egypt (Exodus 1)

The Providence of God

  1. God is in Control of Even the Details of History
    Gen 37:23-28, Gen 37:36; Gen 40:1-7; Gen 45:7-8
  2. Men’s Evil Intentions in Accordance with God’s Good Intentions
    Gen 50:20; Job 1; Matt 4:1-11; Acts 2:22-24; 1 Cor 2:6-8; Phil 1:12-14
  3. God Overcomes Obstacles to Fulfill Promises
    Murderous Brothers (Gen 37:18-20); False Accusation (Gen 39:6b-20);
    Forgetful Butler (Gen 40:8-23); Severe Famine (Gen 42:1-5)
  4. The Christian’s Comfort in Providence
    Eccl 12:13-14; Rom 8:28; 1 Tim 4:8-10; Ps 1

Joseph as a Type of Christ

  1. The rejected godly brother who saves and reconciles the covenant family
    Gen 45:5-8; Gen 50:24
  2. After suffering persecution and temptation, Joseph is exalted as lord over his brothers
    Gen 37:18-36; Gen 39:7-20; Matt 4:1-11; Gen 37:5-11; Gen 41:37-45; Gen 42:6; Phil 2:9-10

Further Study

Recommended Books

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