Foundations in Genesis, Part 4

“The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” (Genesis 6:13)

Adam’s Children and the Flood

Noah and the FloodFamily of Cain

  1. Sacrifice and the Escalation of Sin
    Gen 4:3-15
  2. Wicked Lamech Flaunting Sin and Taking the Place of God
    Gen 4:19-24

Family of Seth

  1. A New Son
    Gen 4:25-26
  2. Godly Lamech Trusts in the LORD
    Gen 5:28-29
  3. Seed Genealogies Compared and Contrasted
    Gen 4:16-24; Gen 5:21-24, 28-31

The Flood and the Covenant of Promise

  1. Who are the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men?
    Gen 6:1-8
  2. The Flood as Judgment and Re-creation
    Gen 7:11-12; Gen 7:21-24; Gen 8:1b; Gen 8:16-17
  3. Noahic Covenant – God is Preserver, Man as Obedient and Caretaker
    Gen 9:8-17 – Rainbow (Warrior’s Bow) as the Covenant Sign to all Flesh
  4. Contradictions in the Flood Account?
    Gen 6:19-20 and Gen 7:2-3; Gen 7:4,12,17 and Gen 7:24

Chiasm and Typology

  1. Chiasm – Literary Device (Gen 6:10-9:19 as Chiasm)
  2. Types and Antitypes

Flood Judgment and Typology in Christ

  1. The Flood as a Type of Baptism into Christ – 1 Pet 3:20-22
    1. Judgment waters of the Flood = Baptismal waters into Christ’s death and resurrection.
    2. The Ark = Christ who bears the brunt of judgment, and 8 people are saved by being in the Ark (in Him).
    3. The world is righteously judged and condemned by God (Flood / The Last Day), but salvation comes from being found in the chosen vessel of deliverance (The Ark / Christ).
    4. Christ has born the brunt of the God the Father’s judgment, and we are saved by passing through the Judgment in Him.  Praise God!

Further Study

Recommended Books

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