Chapter Outlines of the Gospels

Jesus Sets His Face Toward JerusalemMatthew

1. Genealogy, Angel appears to Joseph
2. Visit of Magi, Flight to and return from Egypt
3. John the Baptist prepares the way, Jesus baptized
4. Satan tempts Jesus, Jesus begins ministry in Galilee
5-7  Sermon on the Mount
8. Jesus demonstrates power over sickness, nature, and demons
9. Jesus heals, Conflict with the Pharisees
10. Sending of the 12
11. Jesus eases John the Baptist’s doubt, Promised rest for the soul
12. Conflict about the Sabbath, Kingdom divided cannot stand, Jesus’ true family
13. Kingdom parables
14. Jesus feeds 5000, Walking on water, Jesus heals all who touch him
15. Inner purity, Jesus feeds 4000
16. Peter’s confession, First passion prediction
17. Transfiguration
18. Life in Messiah’s community
19. Marriage and divorce, Rich young ruler
20. Parable of workers paid equally, Serving others
21. Triumphal entry, Temple cleansing, Rebuke of religious leaders
22. Religious leaders question Jesus, Jesus questions religious leaders
23. Warning against hypocrisy
24-25  Olivet Discourse (Jesus teaches about the future)
26. Last Supper, In the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus arrested by religious leaders, Peter’s denial
27. Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and burial
28. Resurrection, Appearances, Great Commission


1. Prologue and early Galilean ministry
2. Five Pharisaic challenges
3. The 12 called, Three views of Jesus’ identity
4. Parables of the Kingdom
5. Jesus displays the power of God
6. Sending of the 12, Feeding the 5000, Walking on water
7. Teaching about inner purity, Crowds marvel at healings
8. Feeding the 4000, Disciples misunderstand, Peter’s confession, First passion prediction (midpoint and climax of Mark)
9. Transfiguration, Second passion prediction, True greatness and discipleship
10. Marriage and divorce, Entrance into the Kingdom, Third passion prediction
11. Triumphal entry, Temple cleansing, Jesus’ authority challenged
12. Religious leaders question Jesus
13. Olivet Discourse on the future
14. The Last Supper, Judas betrays, Peter’s denial
15. Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, death, and burial
16. Resurrection, Appearances, Ascension


1. Prologue, John the Baptist born
2. Birth of Jesus and his early years
3. John the Baptist prepares the way, Genealogy of Jesus
4. Temptation by Satan, Early Galilean ministry
5. Miracles, Jesus questioned about fasting
6. Sermon on the Plain
7. Jesus eases John the Baptist’s doubt, Jesus ministers to outcasts
8. Parable of the Sower, Jesus demonstrates power over sickness, nature, and demons
9. Feeding of 5000, Transfiguration, Cost of discipleship
10. Sending of the 70, Good Samaritan
11. Teaching on prayer, Conflict with religious leaders
12. Warnings of Jesus
13. Jesus calls for repentance, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem
14. Seeking honor, Parable of Great Feast, Cost of discipleship
15. Parables of God’s love for the lost
16. Parable of shrewd manager, Rich man and Lazarus
17. Forgiveness and faith, Coming of the Kingdom
18. Righteous attitude, Rich young man
19. Triumphal entry, Temple cleansing
20. Conflict between religious leaders and Jesus
21. Jesus tells about the future
22. Last Supper, In the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus arrested, Peter’s denial
23. Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, death, and burial
24. Resurrection, Appearances, Ascension


1. Prologue, John the Baptist prepares the way, First disciples follow
2. Water to wine miracle, Temple cleansing
3. Jesus and Nicodemus
4. Woman at the well
5. Jesus and the Sabbath
6. Feeding of 5000, Jesus walks on water, Bread of Life Discourse
7. Jesus teaching in the temple, Religious leaders attempt to arrest Jesus
8. Jesus to the Pharisees: “I AM the Light of the World, I AM from above, I AM before Abraham”
9. Jesus heals a blind man, Spiritual blindness
10. Teaching on the New Israel, Is Jesus Messiah and God?
11. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, Jesus is condemned to death (midpoint and climax of John)
12. Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Conclusion of public ministry
13. Last Supper, Jesus predicts Peter’s denial
14. Jesus is the way to the Father, Jesus is leaving, the Holy Spirit is coming
15. Jesus is the True Vine, the World’s hatred
16. Teaching on the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ return
17. Jesus’ high priestly prayer
13-17  Farewell Discourse
18. Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and trial, Peter’s denial
19. Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and burial
20. Resurrection, Appearances
21. Peter restored, Epilogue

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