Why I Believe in the Resurrection

Resurrection of ChristThis essay, in the form of a personal letter, is a hypothetical correspondence that I hope may someday be communicated to my dear sister Katherine.  I pray God would one day see fit to providentially orchestrate the opportunity to write such a letter to her.  Soli Deo Gloria. 


First of all, thank you for agreeing to converse with me on such a personal and important topic as my Christian convictions.  I know you have always wondered why I am so excited about my faith in Christ and why it seems to dominate my spare time, my conversations, indeed my whole life.  It does seem strange that despite growing up in the same home, the fundamental purposes that drive our lives are quite different, more different than may be accounted for by our different personalities and sexes.  Actually, I am convinced that our values would be more similar if I hadn’t experienced a radical shift in my life—my intellectual religious conversion if you will—when you were still very young.  You know that I slowly began to change when I first went away to college so many years ago, and you can attest that I gradually turned into a more thoughtful person toward you.  That might be understating it a bit, since I was so ruthlessly mean to you during your early childhood!  I’ve since apologized (repented really) to you, and we now treat those wrongs as forgiven and in the past.  But I have never had the opportunity to thoroughly explain to you the primary reason why I finally began to love you as my sister.  The reason is that the love of Christ changed me when I honestly investigated the supposed resurrection of Jesus and its implications.

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