The Divine Warrior in Revelation

Christ the Divine WarriorEven the most cursory reading of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (hereafter “Revelation”) will show that it is about salvation and judgment, of bringing the final end to evil, both cosmic and spiritual. This purpose seems to be the prevailing popular opinion of the book, and this sentiment is shared by those who are and are not acquainted with its contents. Because of its sensational and apocalyptic imagery, Revelation has been a wildly popular and yet uniquely mysterious book. On the one hand, we identify with images that evoke epic battles between comic book- like superheroes and villains, but its status as Scripture elicits confusion when we try to make interpretive sense of it. The task of the Church is to let Revelation speak to our imaginations through its multi-faceted images, and to draw interpretive conclusions and applications by recognizing its apocalyptic-genre qualities and almost constant allusions to the OT.1

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